SMS Broadcast

Vikas S

Great service at a rock bottom price. Web tools allow you to do most of the tasks with ease. API integration really opens up the world to more possibilities.

Jamie S

Easy to deal with, great value.

Clive R

I use the SMS Broadcast service to alert our members to any changes or updates to organised events. It takes less than a minute to compile and send a message to all members, very useful if making a last minute change to the start time of an event. The scheduling capability is very useful for sending reminders, you can set it all up and then forget about it. Uploading group lists couldn't be simpler, it makes setup very quick, everything just works. The best thing though is that unlike many other SMS service providers your credits never expire! Thats great when you don't know how many you think you are going to need day one!

Jamie W

Great service. Highly recommend!

Andrew S

We have a small beauty business and in our effort to improve communications to our clients we decided to try the SMS approach. SMSBroadcast was by far the easiest system for our needs. We had it integrated into our booking system within hours and the response from our customers has been extremely positive! Highly recommended!

Kalpesh P

Very easy to set up. Delivered efficiently and very simple to use. And great results.

Joanne M

quick & easy to use so it gets my vote

Saghir A

Very good service - top of the range

Peter m

Great system , made a good saving from previous service provider

Compass L

I am still getting the hang of the service, but so far it has been excellent. It is extremely easy to use and I don't know what we would do without it. We are a small organisation and the time and postage that this has saved is unbelievable. One of my favorite features is reporting, it shows the message sent and also the delivery status of each message. All in all SMS Broadcast UK has been brilliant.

Ben C

I recently sent about 5000 texts to contacts on a database advertising a new app through SMS Broadcast. The process of writing messages, adding numbers and sending was relatively simple. And you are able to use a personalised business name to send from. However - the next part was slightly un-nerving. After I sent the messages, it said 'estimated delivery 2 minutes'. I left it to send the message and went back to it about 15 minutes later, it still said 2 minutes delivery time left. I assumed it had sent them all and went to refresh the page. I had about 1000 more credits left than what I anticipated, so I assumed that some of them hadn't sent. When actually, the 1000 was from numbers that either didn't exist or weren't delivered properly. I was not told this which confused me. Something to think about in the future. The reporting could do with looking at too. I can only see How many were delivered, how many sent, and how many undelivered. No stats in how many opened the text or when. Thanks

Artur W

Beet Service ever , i tryied few before and wasn't happy

Richard W

I found the setup to be quick and easy. I also just sent a quick enquiry asking about Outlook 2010 integration and they very quickly responded with kindly giving me simple instructions. Services works flawlessly, both sending and receiving. I would recommend anyone who needs this facility to use SMS Broadcast. Ricky @ R&R

Natalie M

We have only been using the service for a few days however it has worked very well for us, it's very simple to use and the opportunity to use templates and save us time typing out texts is proving a great addition to our process.

Steve H

I researched email to text services before signing up and found SMSbroadcast to be the cheapest available. We implemented a trial and found no problems with delivery so are very happy with the service. Is does exactly what we need and for the cheapest price I could find.

Mower M

Easy to set up and use. Very cost effective. SMS Broadcast is perfect for us as we wanted a cheap no frills service that lets us simply send customers texts by sending an email. For that it's spot on.

Guy S

Good quick service, easy to use. Just make sure you buy your credits before you prepare to send texts as you then have to go back and start over.

Valraj M

SMS Broadcast has helped us develop our business. The key features are simple to use and SMS Broadcast is the only text service provider we will ever use. Keep up with the great service.

James V

SMS broadcast is an extremely well put together product. It's exactly what I hoped it would be, very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone who needs to send out multiple text messages at once.

Susan S

Easy to set up. I have not used it to the full potential yet but quick and easy to send individual texts. Hope to start doing multiple texts soon. Also need to set up some templates which I hope will be as easy as everything else so far.

Nicola J

Its easy to use - would recommend it!

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