SMS Broadcast

Barry H

Great service, simple to use. brilliant.

sarah c

Just started using sms broadcast and love the service. It’s simple to use and the customer service is great when you need them.

Trevor B

Brilliant website for the coronavirus. Made it easy for me to text groups of customers by simply pasting their numbers.

Debbie B

This service has been very useful for our organisation. Sending texts creates a record which we can refer back on. The only drawback is that the user interface is a little unintuitive. Still, after some time exploring the different functions, you do get used to it, so I wouldn't let that put you off from trying it.

Tony C

I found SMS Broadcast luckily via a google search to allow me to send volume texts to our staff due to the Covid-19 situation. It was so easy to set up, the user interface is simple to use and my first 500+ texts were sent seamlessly without a hitch. I would Definitely recommend SMSBroadcast

Simon L

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use. Well Recommended.

Naomi H

System is very user-friendly- intuitive to use and texts are sent out very quickly. Allowance for removing duplicate and incorrect no and uploading contacts in multiple ways. Best prices I've found after intensive research. Only drawback is perhaps the layout- a little old-fashioned. Still a great system that I am very happy with.


What can I say! Sms Broadcast has literally changed the way my business operates. Wish I knew about it years ago! I'd highly recommend it to everyone that needs a quick and effective way of communication! From the helpful telephone tuition taught by the Sms Broadcast team to the easy step by step set up. Straightforward for even a technophobe like me. I love it and so do my customers. Natalie

Sarah H

Fantastic, easy to use, very useful

Tim M

Using SMS Broadcast to contact church members during the virus situation - very easy to set up automatic texts from our members database, works perfectly, message cost is also very cheap.

Silvian M

great! ideal for SME

Allan D

A great service that we have used to boost our internal bulk communications strategy.

Lee C

SMS Broadcast is very simple and easy to use. Registration is quick and you are able to be up and running in no time.

Charlie F

This service is proving very useful in the current situation to keep all of our colleagues informed, either in or out of the workplace.

Laure G

We just subscribed to SMS broadcast in these COVID-19 uncertain times to be able to quickly communicate with our staff and are very lucky to have such a system in an emergency situation!

Ali B

We have started using SMSBroadcast as part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic to enable us to send urgent messages to our entire workforce. It was easy to import all the mobile numbers for our staff, and sending messages is very straightforward. This is an ideal solution for what we need at this time.

Darren J

Very straightforward and very helpful. would recommend

Steve S

Simple and easy to use. Phoned for support and got a real person with the answers. Excellent.

David B

Very easy API to use, integrates really easily with PHP.

Rik M

Really delighted with the service. I schedule 140 posts the night before and they always go on time to all recipients. Into pricing was best I could find and Comms with the company was easy.

Stephen W

Easy to use, good customer service, does what it says on the tin!

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