SMS Broadcast

Mike C

WE found SMSbroadcast an easy platform to use to communicate with our members

Peter B

This is a brilliant service. We send an email when particular "events" happen, and within a very short time, there is an SMS message on our designated phone number. And cost-effective too.

Brendan Z

Top Service! Easy to use, ideal for messaging clients......

Simon F

We've used SMS broadcast for a while now for our B&B accommodation booking software at Very simple to integrate in our software,, we buy the credits, the software sends the texts. Our Guests get a nice welcome message. Everyone happy. :-)

Michael O

Took a punt and decided to use sms broadcast to market to our existing clients and have been overwhelmed with the response. This new marketing strategy will now be part of our overall approach

Alex R

Great service. Had some set up problems with using it on a software I use, rung up and the guys guided me through it. 10/10

Rob J

I've always liked using SMS Broacdcast UK. The list handling is exceptional and the sms delivery is instant. Highly recommend and we will continue to use throughout 2022

Kyle M

I have recently started using SMS broadcast for my mobile repair business to send messages to customers regarding the status of their repair, it was very easy to link into my system using their api and i have found the cost to be very affordable and probably the cheapest on the market for credits. Messages are delivered straight awat without delay and so far i have no complaints regarding the service.

Dupe O

Proficient, Professional and Reliable service. Keep the good work up😀

Helen N

It is so easy to use and very clear instructions on how to use it.

Dovid B

Brilliant user-friendly system!

akiva z

Excellent customer service. Simple and easy portal to learn to use. Highly recommended

Avos U

Very Good Tech. Quick Customer Service

Malc A

We first set up the use of SMSBroadcast to help with pastoral issues through the pandemic. This proved invaluable. Recently we have used it to inform carers of a short notice closure of our Toddler group. Worked like a dream.

Lisa H

We have recently started to use SMSbroadcast, we needed to communicate with customers quickly, often emails are missed. SMSbroadcast is quick and easy to use, we are really pleased that we have set this service up, it will save us lots of time!

darren a

so easy to set up and use.

Philip M

Just set up with yourselves and looking forward to this great service for my business.

Neil F

There is a choice out there of SMS providers, but we have found SMSBroadcast to be first class. Really easy to use and customisable. The Customer Service is also excellent.

Aman A

Great service, it helps me to keep my customers update. So I highly recommend.

Simon B

Our old provider let us down badly but SMS broadcast stepped in and we even got a cheaper price.

Rachel S

Very happy with SMS Broadcast UK - very easy to use

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Dave A

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