SMS Broadcast

James J

Signed up recently, extremely happy with both the service and the platform.

John H

I go to Africa several times a year. I find SMS Broadcast very useful and cheap to send messages back to the UK from far flung places where SMS charges are expensive to send.

Rochelle G

It's clear and easy to use, the only reason it didn't get a 5 star was because I feel like the explanations can be a little more detailed.

alan c

I often text people but find it difficult on a phone what with the predictive text and small keyboard. Since using SMS Broadcast UK I have no trouble at all. All my friends are on there, easily found instead, of scrolling down a huge list on my phone. The price is comparable to that charged by my phone network so the whole thing is so much more convenient. Love it

Sean M

It worked really well for us so far. It allows us to send scheduled messages to a large number all of which I can personalise using the merge function which is what we really need. When you send out regularly its quick to get the hand of and simple to use.

Mark P

It's a great service. Sent out 4500 texts as a trial and all were received. Not only that, they generated some instant revenue!

Jack L

Extremely happy so far. Very easy website to use. Good prices and straight forward.

Nic J

helpful, efficient and very useful.

Matthew D

easy to set up, great service.

Nicola H

Great service and product

Christopher M

Fantantic service. Quick responses resulting in sales

Gemma G

Love this site, very easy to use

Simon B

Easy to use, works perfectly each time

Simon H

Excellent and reliable service; interface needs a slight update but other than that, we cannot fault this service.

Rick V

Good so far, we've not set our device up yet, but the team have been in contact to help us set up our texts and that was a great help. Simple to do.

Serwah A

Great way of sending many messages. A pleasure !

Darren J

very easy to use and simple

Abiola O

The SMS Broadcast system is very easy and smooth to use and very effective for sending many people the same message. Love it

Nigel L

The value for money from SMS Broadcast is 2nd to none! Such an easy to use interface. SMS now forms part of our own marketing strategy. If you are looking for a SMS solution we highly recommend SMS Broadcast

Ellie T

The ideal service for sending bulk messages to clients.

Simon U

Excellent service and speed messages delivery A+++++

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"It is so easy to use"

Glenn Allen

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"Far superior to other systems I've tried."

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"SMS always delivered on time."

Dave A

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