SMS Broadcast

Chris H

Very efficient service. The reporting on message delivery status is exactly what I needed to be able to review the effectiveness of our communications via SMS.

Arianna W

Very happy with service. Reliable, reasonably priced and a resposnive customer service t help you out at any time. Highly recommended to all businesses

Zaque H

We have had good customer support from sms broadcast. Thank you

Darren L

Easy to use, good communication for help and all at a good price.

Elizabeth W

Really useful business tool for customer reminders, staff briefings and to relay any other message to many of people at once. User friendly and cost effective.

Warren A

Excellent service, simple to integrate into our online system along with excellent prices.

Steve H

SMS Broadcast UK offer so closely met our requirements, it was the obvious choice. Getting ourselves up and running was straightforward - we are happy that we made the right decision

Phillip R

very good service to add to my pos system,

Julian E

Sending multiple texts via the system is quick and simple.

Hywel G

Simple to use

Lester G

Been a customer for years. Never any issues. It just works.

Nick W

Excellent Product and works great! Highly Recommend 5 stars

Brett R

We use SMS Broadcast both in Australia and UK for over 2 years now. Never had a problem and would recommend.


Great tool at affordable price, Helps you to grow business

Azaad M

SMS Broadcast is perfect for what i use - being a small charity we not only needed something very effective to keep in touch with our clients but also something that was great value for money too - SMS Broadcast delivers on this completely. Excellent work, keep it up.

Dhiru P


Sarah D

We used SMS Briadvast to advertise our latest amateur drama show and the system is really easy to use. We only paid for the messages that were delivered and we saw ticket sales increase as a result.

Andrew M

In short it does exactly what it says on the tin. The interface is so simple to use and the add in for the 0pt Out is very helpful as well. Scheduling texts to go later in the day is simple to set up and worked with 100% accuracy. I also like the fact that if a number fails then the credit for this is added back to your account. It really is an excellent service and a good piece of software

Richard G

Great simple interface. Easy to use quick and competitive pricing

Alexander B

Nice and easy to setup. Integrated very simply with ManageEngine AD SelfService Plus to send texts to users to reset passwords. Very pleased with how painless it was.

Wayne C

because it was simple to use

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"It is so easy to use"

Glenn Allen

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"Far superior to other systems I've tried."

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"SMS always delivered on time."

Dave A

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