SMS Broadcast

Rashel A

Easy and simple. That’s all I was looking for when I signed up to use an online bulk messaging app. Already have over 500 contacts transferred!

Stuart S

Helpful staff and coding-wise super easy. They are pretty supportive and the value for money stands out among the competition. Only been with them a month or so but no complaints so far :-)

Godwin A

Perfect app for messaging

Craig H

Very easy to setup and use. Had to use support once, who were really helpful, and sorted out my issue I'd be happy to recommend them.

Ciarra B

Great and useful service but a little expensive.

Emma H

Excellent idea and very easy to use.

Toro K

SMS Broadcast was efficient and effective in helping me send a broadcast. Would definitely recommend

Valencia W

Simple to use. Takes the time out of organising through a whole heap of numbers. The only annoying thing was having to wait until the next day to "verify" myself before I can add credit (I tried to in the evening) as I already verified my email and number, I found it quite pointless in my opinion. But I guess the call was quick enough. Other that, had no issues.

Pamela O

Very Easy, Fast and Straightforward! Quick response.

Belinda A

Easy and affordable messaging service!

Francis M

Best rates on texts, easy to pick a custom number. Super simple API that just works. Web UI is easy to use, although needs to be modernised, you hardly ever see it though when using the API. Careful to use a number that wasn’t used by other users. Because of the great rates, SMS broadcast is oft used by spammers and aggressive marketers.

Rachel S

SMS Broadcast UK provided a really helpful way for me to solve a small but important comms dilemma I was having - thanks so much!

James B

simple and easy to use!

Matt C

Really straightforward and easy to use system/portal - does everything you would want a texting service to do!

Karl P

Great service!

Rob W

I joined SMS Broadcast as I needed to send a number of SMS's to people about a project go-live weekend. These people were on both Android and IOS phones. Normally we can manage this with using phones directly, but there were too many. The software is all web based, we signed up for 500 texts and paid the £10. Took a few minutes to sign up and very easy. We sent just under 470 messages during the weekend. There were no obvious issues with delivery. The wen interface is a little simple and doesn't look fantastic BUT it does work well enough for us, so I can't complain. It's simple to use, simply paste your message and numbers to send and that's it I can't fault it as it did everything we wanted and needed at a sensible price. We looked at a number of providers but happy we chose SMS Broadcast.

Alex V

After trying a few SMS services, SMS Broadcast was the simplest to set up, works reliably with very competitive pricing. Thank you!

Marley B

Very useful service

thomas w

Easy to use service and cheap too. Picked this website from many as it’s soo easy to use. Thanks

Nicola T

I've only just signed up to SMS Broadcast and our first SMS campaign isn't due to be sent until next week - it has been scheduled - so fingers crossed it all works! The test text's I sent worked fine. The setting up of the data base wasn't too difficult, and I am not familiar with, or particularly good with spread sheets etc. The prices are the best I've found. The proof will be next Tuesday when our campaign starts!

Keith W

Very easy service to use. I integrated with Google Sheets using the free credits. I can now update my customers on the progress of their orders by just a google sheet script menu click. Credits have now been purchased and running smoothly. One very happy customer. Thank you :)

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