SMS Broadcast

Mehdi K

Perfect service price a bit high

Shah H

Very straight forward to use and SMS goes out instantly with no issues!

dre h

Set up my account last week, rang up to verify my account and the person was extremely helpful and quick to do it. O deposited £50 for credits and haven't had any problems since. Top service

Nuno B

Great personalised customer service on the telephone and on email and cheap per message rates, what esle could you ask for...

Anthony s

Just starting using this, the website is straight forward and easy to use and the text messages are sent out within seconds! Will definitely be carrying on using these in the future!

Jaromir D

very good!!!

Stewart H

Seems legit

Daz P

Great service & customers like a SMS

Stuart D

Great service. Never any issues.

Moshe S

I love SMS broadcast, the interface is just nice to use and it fast platform, and their customer service is just gr8.....

Abdul H

Thank you so much SMS Broadcast UK.

chris a

Excellent service, very quick to setup. API documentation is very clear, we had our application up and running sending texts in a couple of hours. Very little need for support line.

Magnus W

Easy to use, and good reports as well.

Moshe T

SMS Broadcast is the best and cheapest out there amazing customer service top it off

Rivky S

Sms broacast has really helped my small business grow.

ian b

When choosing any supplier, I always compare up to 6 companies. With mass SMS the pricing across the board was close however customer service (speaking to a human) for me always wins as long as the pricing is in the bottom third. SMS Broadcast not only offered good costings but also an excellent interface and above average customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend the company.

Zelig K

It's a great system, easy to use and got really amazing features Thank you to the SMS Broadcast UK team!!

Lawrence B

Quick, easy and simple to use. Very reliable and dependable.

Harry H

It was really easy to sign up and get get some credits onto my account. With the proper checks of course. I have used it a few times already in the first couple of weeks and I have already benefited from orders thanks to this inexpensive method.

Mohammed A

As a PHP developer looking for a way to send text messages from a web page I have reviewed several sms PHP api tools for sending text messages using PHP script. SMS Broadcast is by far the the simplest and easiest to integrate into a web page while being fantastically priced. No monthly fees - paying only for the texts sent.

Mo M

All the components fits together very nicely: • Very helpful support and good customer service • Customer support were prompt to get back to my enquiry • Quick response time on the phone • Good documentation provided for developer support • The web front end is nicely laid out and easy to use • The web front end has good functionality • The product is nicely priced in comparison Brilliant product, Thank you!

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"It is so easy to use"

Glenn Allen

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"Far superior to other systems I've tried."

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Dave A

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