SMS Broadcast

Stuart G

Really simple, cost effective, way to contact and market to customers in an easy to use modern fashion

Nick C

Our company have been using SMS broadcast for a few weeks now and it has saved us a huge amount of time rather than messing about with texting via personal phones we now all have acces and it is a good address book for all to log on and use.

Peter M

This software help us to make our communication much more effective and quicker. Thank You

Yes L

Easy to use, great way to keep customers informed. Would highly recommend this service.

Gerard R

Easy to use, economical


Using SMS broadcast has made life much easier and more better way to communicate with clients.


all good with them.

Dan P

It's so easy to use, it makes managing my small business very easy!

Mark R

The API provided by SMSBroadcast is very straightforward to use and we had it implemented and tested in our customer service software within an hour. The credits are easy to buy and the fact that do not expire allows us to bulk buy in confidence that our money will not be wasted if we do not need to issue as many text messages as first thought. Highly recommended.

Will B

SMS Broadcast is easy to configure, good value with helpful user interface and account options such as auto-top up. We have found it generally reliable. We had some users complaining that texts took around 60 seconds to arrive but this was only one or two out of around 200 MFA users. I would recommend SMS Broadcast.

Ben J

Was pretty easy to use and do straight away

David H

Easy to register with and simple to use

Andrea L

I used the free trial just what i needed , so them paid for credit so good to send one message to so many people first class

Rebecca C

SMS broadcast has provided the reliability and professionalism I required when scourcing a SMS delivery service.

Jay J

Simple to setup and very quick to integrate into our systems using their API.


Really quick an efficent tool to get client attention quickly

Olivia B

Have used a couple of times really like the service as its easy to use.

Jonathan F

Been looking for a service like this, was very pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use. Plus it has been a great benefit to the business, why did I not think about using it sooner. I have even recommended this service to other business owners I know and even a local club.

James G

Just a few minutes to sign up and start sending text's. Great price and a good range of purchase options.


Quick and easy to use

Steve T

Simple and easy to use.

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"It is so easy to use"

Glenn Allen

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"Far superior to other systems I've tried."

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Dave A

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