SMS Broadcast

Cherry S

Its so easy to send texts this way. Really cost effective, and much easier than typing on my iPhone. I can also send group texts, and add an opt out for clients if they no longer wish to be contacted. Perfect!

Pete R

We have two businesses both of which have many team members and customers. We send loads texts from my mobile but we wanted to make it simpler. SMS Broadcast UK is perfect for our needs. After testing the service, we are now in the process of building our contact list. We are very impressed with SMS Broadcast UK.

James B

Quick, easy, affordable, opt out info sent by email, very fast send for my use (200 - 500 emails)

Dave L

We use the system to co-ordinate mobile operatives for a 1-week annual event and therefore it is essential that it is intuitive to operate so that no time is wasted for non-IT literate dispatchers having to familiarise or re-familiarise themselves with use. SMS Broadcast fits the requirement well.

Julie L

We can now send our patients appointment reminders. It's so easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Its saving us money because we have fewer patients not turning up.

Keith S

Very professional and knowledgable staff. Was able to make an informed choice based on discussions with them. The API is well documented and very easy to integrate into our systems. Could not recommend highly enough.

Emily K

Good and easy to use.

jamie d

Brilliant has helped my business communicate with all its customers

shahid Y

Awesome service and simple to use website. I took an hour to look for a website i can regularly use and this site came best. I will NOT use anyone else.


Easy to use, low prices.

Justin B

We did a lot of research and testing before choosing to use smsbroadcast to keep in touch with our members by text, they provide a great service and good value for money. We have just added on our own virtual number so members can reply to text messages and all the replies are automatically forwarded to a designated email address. Highly recommended!

James H

So far so good. It's a simple process, most problems I've had have been between the keyboard and seat. So all in all very good. Not sure how well it's working for us yet. But we shall see. It's a good way to reach out to clients. UnitedSK8S

Chris T

Simple, trouble free, no ads on text, excellent value


Great for advising customers of trade days and forwarding links to our ad campaigns

Tarun M

We are a small telecom company, needed a SMS service to update our customer on every update of their service - to us there isn't better way than text message. We wanted a value for money simple simple to use solutions. Now we use it for many other purpose e.g. sending out promotional offers. It's certainly not too much to say that we found SMS Broadcast is the best based on these perspective. We also like the option where we can go back and see what we sent in past under Report on the dashboard. We definitely would recommend it.

Alex M

Superb service which enables us to keep in touch with our customers. Easy to use interface, fast delivery and excellent reporting.

Tipu A

I am able to message many customers in one go. Find the flatform very user friendly.

craig h

Easy to use and fast.

Imtiaz K

At first I thought it to be a little difficult to use but as we used it, it became simpler. Also much cheaper than most.

Nathan D

The process is so simple and user friendly. Plus you get to keep your own number too.

Jay D

great services, easy to user and good value for money!

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