SMS Broadcast

Joe B

Great simple reliable sms service. I've used it to send myself text messages from home automation projects. Works a dream through a simple API. They even spoke to me to confirm I'm not a spammer. Easy to buy credits. Price is excellent per message. I tried a couple of others first but either didn't work or too hard to sign-up. was easy, even for me!

Lucy L

Easy to use and set up. Fast response from the support team on the phone

Georgina W

Really simple system to use - great for our club to manage our weekly running sessions especially with Covid-19 updates etc. Would recommend as a great solution for quick and easy communications.

Richard S

Only just started using sms broadcast but so far the service is excellent. Easy integration into our software and easy to check reports.

Daniel P

Worked perfectly

New Y

amazing esy to use a n cheap service

Stephen D

Really liked using SMS Broadcast. The API is straight forward and easy to use and the support has been quick and helpful. The pricing is good and there are no extra costs for things like 2-way communication so the replies to my messages not only get posted back to my server but a handy email is sent to me that I can reply to.

Andrew W

Easy to use and get started - very good!

Adrian R

Super easy to use, super fast to send, SUPER AWESOME service!

Suriya R

Very simple to use and set up, great service!

Annie B

Really impressed with the service! There is great flexibility to send messages out in a variety of formats, whether you want the company name displayed, or having the opportunity for clients to reply back. Good value for money. Had a really good response rate from out client too. Really happy with it all and would highly recommend.

Sinead L

Helpful, easy to use, inexpensive.

Jack Q

Great & Easy to use!

Matthew C

SMS Broadcast saves me a lot of time managing my chiropractic office. They are always willing to help and never had any problems.

iraj t

A very good platform for our advertising campaign . Sent out messages to all our clients and got only charged for the texts that were delivered. Very easy to follow the instructions and ease of use. All done online and has constant support from the help desk. I will definitely be using this service for our future advertising.

Rahul A

Very good service. Good system to use, it deletes duplicate or unused numbers automatically. Highly Recommended..

Harry H

Very easy to set up. And our business is benefiting from it a lot more too.

yeshiva g

the best company ever

Lucy L

Easy to navigate, prompt response to the helpline number.

Chloe G

SMS Broadcast are very reliable and have a variety of settings for the best uses of sending an SMS out.

Nezer H

Can't fault, works first time every time

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Dave A

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